It is necessary to understand that all behavior communicates. Our mission is to develop the potential for full communication and related skills.

Competitive collaboration

We all want to increase and improve our production. Positive results emerge when intentions are clear and the team is aligned. Communication is what defines such clarity of intention and the team’s engagement. An atmosphere of partnership, bonds of trust and appreciative behaviors are prerequisites for collaborative competition.


Inspiring leaders and creative teams know how to welcome different points of view, master the art of strengthening bonds and transform conflicts into learning. Anima provides processes to facilitate productive dialogue, providing guidance on the practice of active listening and of using clear and constructive words.

Applied ethics

To ensure good governance in uncertain times is one of the great challenges facing leaders and organizations. Anti-corruption laws, compliance processes and concerns about corporate reputation signal that ethics is a crucial issue for professionals and organizations. Between individual freedom and the common good there is room for choice. Interacting productively is choosing ethical attitudes.

Systemic management

To integrate is to engage all parts, to understand the context and create meaning. This dynamic depends on the quality of communication flow among individuals, teams and areas. The more systemic the structure of management and leadership, the more effective the harnessing of the potential of those involved in their mutual impacts. Appreciative inquiry is the ideal methodology for this purpose.

Emotional intelligence

The conscientious leader knows that pauses are as important as movement. In the complex routine of scarce time, behaviors such as observing, listening carefully, keeping calm before making decisions, recognizing and controlling emotions make a difference. Developing Emotional Intelligence is both a road and a learning process.