The purpose of Anima Productive Interaction is to invest in the transformation of leaders and teams, equipping them with skills to communicate conscientiously, positively and productively, both in their personal and professional relations.

Anima’s journey reflects its constant updating. From 1996 to 2006, when it was still called Anima Planning and Image, the company produced form, content and events for different corporate communication platforms.

In tune with the fluid transformation that characterizes our era and putting its experience with corporate communication into practice, Anima changed its name in 2007 to Anima Productive Interaction. This name reflects a company that prepares people and teams in leadership positions to think, act and produce in harmony with the systemic reality of a changing world.

Since 2007

  • holcim
  • CPFL-Energia-logo-exp
  • cosan
  • cdn
  • fiep
  • senac
  • net
  • niplan-engenharia

From 1986 to 2006

  • cyrela
  • nissan
  • ferret
  • arosa
  • proteste
  • super-clubs
  • fiat
  • ccr
  • canon
  • ultragaz
  • romi
  • loga
  • kiaroa