Communicating productively means to ensure positioning, promote engagement and generate value.


The purpose of Anima Productive Interaction is to invest in the transformation of leaders and teams, equipping them with skills to communicate conscientiously, positively and productively, both in their personal and professional relations.

Anima’s journey reflects its constant updating. From 1996 to 2006, when it was still called Anima Planning and Image, the company produced form, content and events for different corporate communication platforms.

In tune with the fluid transformation that characterizes our era and putting its experience with corporate communication into practice, Anima changed its name in 2007 to Anima Productive Interaction. This name reflects a company that prepares people and teams in leadership positions to think, act and produce in harmony with the systemic reality of a changing world.

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Vânia Bueno Cury is a communicator who has chosen human development as an area of interest for her professional and personal life. Excited about the first entrepreneurial waves in Brazil and aware of the wealth of working with a multidisciplinary team, she founded Anima Productive Interaction. The company has developed communication learning processes for companies of different sizes and segments for 20 years.

In 2007, driven by the call for innovation, she took a sabbatical break and attended an international Master’s program in Positive Organizational Development and Change at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland/Ohio – USA. She met professionals from the five continents and graduated in Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching. She also studied systemic thought, dialogue facilitation, conflict mediation and applied ethics.

Committed to promoting her own development, she participates in programs, both in Brazil and abroad, at institutions such as Palas Athena (Brazil), Brahma Kumaris (India), Findhorn Foundation (Scotland), Schumacher College (England), and Université Paris-Sorbonne (France).

Her most recent adventure was returning to the classroom as a visiting scholar of graduate programs at the São Paulo University School of Business Administration (Fundação Instituto de Administração – FIA/USP) and School of Communication and Arts (Escola de Comunicação e Artes – ECA/USP), as well as at São Carlos Federal University (UFSCar) MBA programs and the Brazilian Association of Business Communication – ABERJE.


“She conducted essential integration work to help align the team, especially in moments of great change. We were able to understand the importance of communication and behavior for the success of our project. The experience was very valuable for our leaders and teams.”

Otmar Hübscher, CEO, Holcim Brasil SA

“I have witnessed Vânia’s professional work and she has become essential in stimulating the best psychological and interpersonal disposition among our students as the necessary conditions for the emergence of novelty and the development of innovation.”

Prof. André Coimbra Felix Cardoso, PhD, Coordinator, PEGASus Program — Education and Management for the Acceleration of Sustainability — São Carlos Federal University (Sorocaba campus)

“An unforgettable experience. The approach used at the meetings differed from every model of teaching I have ever experienced. These meetings aimed for more than just the understanding of concepts; they fostered great closeness among people, regardless of their role, position, and background. It was crucial.”

Vanessa Torres, Albert Einstein Israelite-Brazilian Charity, Sustainability and Compliance Department

“Vânia presented the correlation between communication and behaviors/values in such a way that made it easier for us to understand how we can become stronger through positive feelings in order to face up to the challenges of the merging process.”

Sergio de Carvalho Mauricio, Holcim Brazil, Regional Sales Manager

“Activities were conducted in such a way to foster an environment that promoted the team’s engagement and commitment. Methodologies that value listening—co-creation process and appreciative inquiry—facilitated understanding among teams on various subjects.”

Júnia Caldeira, FIA — Administration Institute Foundation alumnus and Sustainability Consultant at the Votorantim Institute



The Palas Athena Association is a valuable source of knowledge for Anima’s work. As a token of gratitude, part of our profit is donated to support their social work.

Strategic partnerships

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